Making history
and science fun

Inspiring kids to learn through play is what the Natural History Museum and Science Museum in London do best. A combined visit on a day trip to London thrills all ages as they become curious to investigate nature, fascinating creatures and scientific phenomena. From dinosaurs to volcanoes to real life experiments, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Making History and Science Fun
Natural History Museum’s Egyptian collection
Entrance to both the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum is free for all the family. The Natural History Museum exhibits a huge variety of fossils, mammals from around the world and skeletons including the prehistoric T. Rex. Explore the different time periods dinosaurs lived, why they died out and what our scientific research has taught us about these giants of nature. Kids are thrilled by the simulator earthquake experience and to learn about the mysteries of our oceans. Teenagers are fascinated by everything from outer space exploration to human evolution and the scientific advances of DNA research. Outside in the Wildlife Garden, learn about British flora and fauna and the threats to native wildlife. This encourages parents and children to take their newly learned skills home and to school, supporting conservation projects. With many hands-on family exhibitions with interactive activities and school holiday programmes, everyone is promised a fulfilling day.
Making History and Science Fun
The Science Museum is just around the corner and will fuel the imagination of all budding scientists with its spectacular interactive gallery and Wonderlab with fascinating exhibits and demonstrations. Experiment with real scientific phenomena in the Chemistry Bar, experiencing lightening and travelling through the stars. In The Garden, kids age three to six find out about floating and sinking, shadows and reflections, light and sound through interactive play while all kids under eight can enjoy the multi-sensory Pattern Pod, exploring water ripples and creating symmetrical images and repeat patterns on touch screens. The Typhoon simulator offers over eights the thrilling experience of lying a low-level mission in the RAF’s latest Typhoon jet through beautiful British landscapes. Budding young drivers will love the Artificial Intelligence exhibition about driverless cars, drones and deep-sea exploration vehicles such as Boaty McBoatface. This truly is an inspirational day out for all the family.

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