Cruising with Pharaohs

Consider a family cruise holiday combining sunshine and swimming pools onboard with an exciting opportunity for kids to see Egypt’s famous tombs and temples. Follow the mighty River Nile on a luxurious cruise between Aswan and Luxor to enjoy all the incredible archaeological wonders along the way.

Sailing on Nile in Aswan
Taking a cruise on the Nile is a time-honoured way to explore Egypt. For centuries, travellers have sailed stretches of the world’s longest river, finding the unexpected sights of river life every bit as thrilling as the tombs and temples on the schedule. From the vivid artwork inside Valley of the Kings’ tombs to the perfectly carved hieroglyphics at Luxor Temple which stands gracefully in the centre of the modern town, children of all ages can bring to life a great piece of history from the classroom.

Everyone has read about the tomb of boy pharaoh Tutankhamen and its stash of hidden treasures in the Valley of the Kings since primary school days. It’s also possible to visit the recently opened replica nearby which has been getting rave reviews for its detail and authentic feel. Move on to the grand chambers where Ramses IX, Ramses II, Merenptah and many more were buried, to admire the hieroglyphics and intriguing scenes carved into the walls.

There’s a wide range of cruise lines offering family-friendly sailings along the Nile and most offer kids clubs, age-appropriate shore excursions, kids’ menus and a host of activities on board. Many new cruise ships are like floating resorts with endless options to keep all ages entertained. The convenience of the family being transported from destination to destination while unpacking just once cannot be undervalued. Most Nile cruise ships offer around 70 cabins, always with ensuite bathroom, balcony, minibar/fridge and of course aircon. Several cruise lines offer up to 50% discount for children under 12, making discovering the Nile an affordable travel destination for all the family. The riverine scenery while sailing is fascinating; observing men enjoying their morning tea and shisha pipes, bougainvillea flowers, sugarcane and wheat fields, family-run farms, mud huts, kids waving as the boats go by and illuminated minarets at dusk. Egyptians offer a warm welcome and it is a great destination for families with children with so much to see and do.

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